We create and manage long-term strategic partnerships
that move our client’s business forward.

We are expert negotiators, representing clients ethically, while maximizing our clients’ interests. We have the expertise, marketing savvy, and the retailer and manufacturer relationships to ensure your program is properly managed and positioned to succeed.

Brand Representation

Through a methodical approach, we help our clients strategically leverage their brand equity into seamless extensions that generate significant revenue.

Our licensing services include:

  Brand Equity Analysis
  Strategic Licensing Plan Development
  Category Analysis
  Due Diligence and Licensee Evaluation
  Contract Negotiations
  Licensee Business Planning
  Graphic Design and Content Development
  Product Development; Approval and Quality Control
  Retailer Strategy Development
  Royalty Management
  Contract Compliance
  Ongoing Licensee Management

Brand Acquisition

Consumers desire brands and we help our clients with development and implementation of in-bound licensing strategies. With a full understanding of our client’s business objectives, our team identifies, negotiates and secures trademarks and brands that can deliver a competitive advantage and additional excitement to a product line and retail channel.

Our extensive relationships across many industries have allowed us to successfully negotiate and secure well known brands from such companies as Coca-Cola, General Mills, Sony, Warner-Brothers, Miller/Coors, and Harley-Davidson, just to name a few, for application in a wide array of product lines.

Marketing Partnerships

At JRL Group, we create value through marketing partnerships that align your brand with the right partners to meet your business objectives. Our team works closely with our clients, in essence, acting as an extension of their marketing department to ensure every stage of a partnership program is managed properly and executed flawlessly.

Our extensive experience to negotiate, manage and activate sponsorships helps our clients achieve their business goals that result in long-term partnerships. Our partnership marketing services include:

■   Partnership Strategy
■   Sponsorship Evaluation
■   Contract Negotiation
■   Creative Development
■   Sponsorship Activation
■   On-site Management
■   Public Relations